Book Review: Akwaeke Emezi’s Pet

by making the person who turns out to be a monster recognizable to someone who knows what a monster can look like, Akwaeke Emezi sets the story up perfectly to emphasize that children must be taught about monsters and not blindly shielded from them. That even the most unpleasant atrocities of history must be made known in order to not repeat them.

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Book Review: Gavriel Savit’s The Way Back

This meandering delight of a book takes you from a tiny shtetl in the forest to the Far Country of demons, goblins, and the spirits of the dead. Bluma, the baker’s daughter, and Yehuda Leib, the town scapegoat and thief, both stumble into the Far Country after a near encounter with the Angel of Death. There, they must make pacts with demons, answer ancient riddles, and learn how to navigate the winding nature of the land in order to make it out alive — and, for the most part, intact.

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Book Review: Elizabeth Acevedo’s With the Fire on High

Packed full of seasoning—both literally and metaphorically—With the Fire on High is a hearty tale of love, family, friendship, and food.

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