Book Review: Jesse Thistle’s From the Ashes

Thistle’s experiences, from being cut off by family members to stealing to stay alive, to nearly losing his leg after a bad fall, to purposely getting arrested so he can receive medical care in jail, speak to the systems in place that make it difficult for everyone affected by drug abuse and homelessness—from kind souls who open their homes to strangers to the children of addicts who can’t support themselves, let alone a family—to get the help they deserve. But the true beauty of Thistle’s memoir lies in the abundance of love contained in these pages.

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Book Review: Bassey Ikpi’s I’m Telling the Truth, But I’m Lying

In this collection of essays, Bassey Ikpi provides her truth about living with bipolar II and anxiety, going all the way back to flashes of childhood in Nigeria to her experiences with medication and being institutionalized.

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Book Review: Dawn Anahid MacKeen’s The Hundred Year Walk

With the help of Stepan’s meticulous journals, MacKeen reconstructs her grandfather’s journey on and off the page: she charts her travels through Turkey and Syria, tracing her grandfather’s footsteps nearly a century later.

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