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Frequently Asked Questions


How do subscriptions work?
We offer 2 different subscription plans:
  • Quarterly: You’ll get a box in the mail every quarter and be billed on the 10th of March, June, September, and December.
  • Annual: You’ll get a box in the mail every quarter and be billed annually.
Can I gift a subscription to someone else?
Yes! Select the “Gift” option at checkout, and enter the shipping information of the person you’re gifting it to!
How do I choose my book every quarter?
Log in using the link above. Under “My Subscriptions,” you should see “New Suns Subscription Box.” Click Manage. You should then see the option to “Update Choices.” Simply click Edit, and you will be taken to the survey page!
If I’m subscribed, can I skip a quarter?
Yes, you can always skip a quarter. To pause your subscription, login and click Manage. From there, select "Subscription Settings," then "Pause my subscription." You will be prompted to choose how long to pause your subscription.
How do I cancel my subscription?
We’re sorry to see you go! Follow the first two steps as described above (Manage > Subscription Settings) and select Cancel my subscription.
Where do you ship to, and how much does shipping cost?
Shipping is a flat rate of $5 per box for all 50 states. We are currently only able to ship our boxes to residential addresses and P.O. Boxes within the USA.
When and how are the boxes shipped?
We package and ship all boxes by the 24th day of each shipping - via USPS.
When will my box arrive?
The shipping duration depends on where the box is being shipped to. The current COVID-19 pandemic has also caused delays in the postal service — please contact us only if you still have not received your box after 2 weeks have passed since the 24th.

About the Box

What can I expect from New Suns boxes?
Each box contains one book and 2-3 gifts* made by artists from underrepresented groups. You select the book yourself from among 4-5 titles, which we curate every quarter based on a theme. We try to provide a range of genres and styles for you to choose from—and, if you can’t choose, you can always hit “Surprise me!” on the selection page! _*With the exception of our one-time boxes, which only include one gift (an art print)._
How are the books and gifts selected?
Every quarter, we decide on a theme for our box based on what we want to celebrate or see more of in the world. We then select the books ourselves, with an eye for upcoming rather than established authors. Our aim is to bring you literature that might otherwise have escaped your notice — titles from smaller, independent presses who are publishing great literature, but don’t have the same budget for advertising as big-name publishers.
We then search for cool gifts that pair well with the books we’ve chosen. We look specifically for artists of color, queer and trans artists, and artists from other underrepresented groups — and we always include their business cards in our boxes, so you can easily find more of their work!
Can I buy only the book without the gifts?
No, we don’t offer a book-only subscription at this time.
I really love this one gift that came in your box! Can I buy it separately?
Not through us, but we always include the business card(s) of the artist(s) in our boxes! Head on over to their website/social media and support them by buying from them directly!
Do you offer audiobooks?
Many of the books we currently offer in our boxes are published by small, independent presses, which means there typically aren’t audiobook versions of them available. We’d love to offer audiobooks in the future, and we’re working to make our box more accessible to people of all reading needs and preferences — follow us on social media for updates!

Returns & Support

How do I change my delivery address?
Login and click Manage. From there, select the Edit button by your shipping address. Please note that we are unable to recall boxes that have already been shipped to your previous delivery address, nor are we able to issue a refund in this case.
Can I return or exchange the box I received?
No, once a box has shipped, we cannot accept a return or exchange it for another box.
One of the items in my box is missing/damaged, what do I do?
Please use the contact form on our website to file a claim, or email us at In the case of a damaged item, we will then ask you to provide photos of the item, so we can assess if you are eligible for a replacement.
We can only accept claims within 14 days from the date you received your order. All replacements will be at the discretion of our team.