About Us


Renn (they/them)

I knew there were no stories about people like me by the time I turned 4 — an age where I didn’t even understand all of what "like me" entails yet! This has since changed and continues to change, with more authors of color, queer authors, and authors in translation being published every year. But these books don’t always find their way into the hands of people who need them. To all 4-year-old bookworms past and present who have struggled to find yourselves in the pages: I started New Suns to bring these books to you.


Gina (she/her)

Someone told me once that one of the greatest feelings is to look at a stack of books and "see yourself as a pile of stories." Despite my voracious appetite for books, it was not until finding Min Jin Lee's Pachinko in 2016 that I truly saw myself as a story. If ever there were a time for folks to see the beautiful stories they are, it's now. I hope you embark on this journey toward new suns with us, and that you find some inspiring stories along the way.